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Why You Should Consider an Annual Wellness Scan: The Benefits of Early Detection

Your health changes every day as the environment, the food you eat, and the things you do impact your body. Some things that affect your health have been doing so for years, and their effects take years to manifest. 

Working From Home? Here's Why Anti-fatigue Lenses Are Essential for Your Eye Health

The two years of the COVID pandemic sparked profound changes that saw people spend more time with their families as they moved from their offices to work from home. Things have almost returned to normal, but working from home is the new norm.

The Hidden Dangers of Sun Damage to Your Eyes

The sun remains the main light source for humans and animals. However, the sun is not entirely safe for us, mainly because we do not have fur.

The Connection Between Seasonal Allergies and Eye Allergies

An allergic reaction is a distressing immunological reaction that happens when your body is exposed to an irritant. We call this chemical an allergy.

5 Benefits of an Annual Eye Exam

When did you last have a comprehensive eye exam? Regular eye examinations have several advantages, so you should not put off visiting an optometrist until you experience a vision problem.

How an Emergency Eye Exam Can Save Your Vision

An eye emergency is the last thing you plan for, yet they do arise and typically happen at inconvenient times.

Why You Should Never Skip Your Annual Eye Exam

Some people think having an eye exam is only necessary if you have an eye condition or wear glasses.

5 Common Symptoms of Eye Allergies and How to Treat Them

Eye allergies, also known as allergic conjunctivitis, affect millions of individuals worldwide.

Irregular Cornea: Can I Still Get Contact Lenses?

An irregular cornea usually limits or complicates vision and can be hard to treat with regular contact...

Where Should I Go If I Have an Eye Emergency?

Eye emergencies are unpredictable and occur unexpectedly. Timely medical care...

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