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Relaxing Your Eyes with Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Relaxing Your Eyes with Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Glasses today are sophisticated tools that are manufactured using highly advanced materials, tools, and processes. To that end, Brandon Eyes makes sure that every pair of lenses is perfectly tailored for how you use your glasses.

Digital Eyestrain

With more people than ever using computers and screens, digital eyestrain is at an all-time high. Most glasses are designed for distance vision. When your eyes are continuously focusing on objects that are close to you, they struggle to relax. This can cause a number of issues including:

  • Sore, irritated eyes

  • Blurred or double vision

  • Increased sensitivity to light, dust or wind.

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Dry or watery eyes

  • Headache

Reducing Digital Eyestrain with Anti-Fatigue Lenses

As technology advances, we are now able to offer glasses lenses that relax your eyes in order to reduce the symptoms of Digital Eyestrain. For Single Vision wearers, we offer Anti-Fatigue. These lenses have a slight power boost on the bottom third of the lens which will encourage your eyes to relax and aid you with up-close activities.

For patients with presbyopia, there are a number of progressive lens options to provide clear vision while relaxing the eyes. One of our computer progressive lens options is shown below.

For more information on how we can help you with your digital eyestrain, schedule a consultation today.

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