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Enhanced Vision with Brandon Eyes

Enhanced Vision with Brandon Eyes

Glasses today are sophisticated tools that are manufactured using highly advanced materials, tools, and processes. In order to get your best vision, Brandon Eyes works with select labs to make sure that your frames and lenses are created to precisely match your vision in the exam room.

​​Drawbacks to Online Purchasing

Have you ever had great vision in the exam room, only to receive glasses later that are not so crisp and clear? There are a few reasons why your vision with glasses may not be the same as it was in the exam room.

  • The American Optometric Association (AOA) recently conducted a study finding that 29 percent of glasses purchased online did not have the correct prescription strength as outlined by the optometrist.

  • "Nearly one-fourth (23 percent) of the lenses failed impact resistance testing, which highlights a major safety issue” (AOA). Brandon Eyes carefully chooses the best labs to eliminate such errors and inspects your glasses upon arrival to make sure they are an exact match to what the doctors prescribed.

  • Online retailers are both unable to measure how your glasses may affect your prescription and are unable to adjust the frame after delivery.

More Than Pupillary Distance

Glasses' measurements are more complicated than just the pupillary distance that online retailers ask for. Lens prescriptions are precisely calculated for glasses that sit 12 mm from your eye. You will not be looking through the correct portion of the lens if you wear glasses further away, or higher or lower than usual. When your frames are fit incorrectly you may experience blurred vision, squinting, eye fatigue, or headaches. Online retailers are unable to anticipate these fit adjustments at the time of purchase. At Brandon Eyes, we pre-adjust and measure your frames so your lenses are precisely matched to your face and frame.

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