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Why Do I Need an Annual Eye Exam?

Your vision and eyes require consistent evaluation. The eyes are sensitive as they act as the windows to the world. Taking care of them and ensuring they are healthy should be the top of your health priorities. For that, you must always get annual eye exams. Read on to learn more.

How to Avoid Digital Eyestrain

Most adults in America spend on average 11 hours looking at phones, TVs, tablets, and computers. While doing so may not permanently ruin their vision, it can cause digital eyestrain. The symptoms of this condition include dry eyes, headaches, and blurry vision.

What Is the Best Treatment for Dry Eyes?

Many people complain about dry eyes. Individuals over 65, especially women, often suffer from this problem due to hormonal changes. Dry eyes can be uncomfortable. If you suffer from dry eyes, simple actions and treatments can give you relief.

How Long Does My Eye Prescription Last?

You will usually receive a copy of your prescription when you get a new pair of contact or eyeglasses. You will notice that the eye doctor includes an expiration date on the prescription. The expiration date is the last date the eye doctor recommends you use the prescription to get prescriptive eyewear. 

How Do You Know if You Have Eye Allergies?

Eye allergies are adverse immune reactions caused by the eyes encountering irritating substances or allergens. Also known as allergic conjunctivitis, the condition may result from substances such as pollen, smoke, mold, or dust.

Do Scleral Contact Lenses Work for Dry Eye?

Many people experience symptoms of dry eye, making it difficult for them to focus. The soreness and irritation from the condition can even damage your eyes. Dry eye syndrome results in inflammation, making it difficult to wear contact lenses.

5 Tips to Protect Your Eyes From Sun Damage

Most people know that the sun can damage their skin. However, some do not realize that the sun can wreak havoc on their eyes. You may not be able to apply sunscreen on them, but you can still take several steps to shield them from the sun's rays. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of Eye Allergies?

When you say that you have allergies, most people expect to see you sneezing all the time. However, the nose is not the only body part that can suffer during an allergy attack. You may also experience itchy, swollen, and red eyes.

How Do Computer Glasses Protect the Eyes?

The digital age makes it easy to hurt your eyes at work, at home, or even when you are going about your daily activities. The reason is digital devices are everywhere. These digital devices cause stress to your eyes. They can also result in eye conditions that are uncomfortable and may cost you your vision. Therefore, you must protect your eyes. One way you can do this is by using computer glasses.

How to Know If You Have Digital Eyestrain

Digital eyestrain is a series of eye problems that cause your eyes to feel dry, itch, tear, or become red. It is common for your eyes to feel tired, and it may compromise your ability to focus. This type of digital eyestrain happens when you use digital devices like computers and tablets for long periods. It results from the extended use of smartphones and e-readers.

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