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Finding the Right Fashion Eyewear for Your Summer Activities

Summer is coming, and you can almost savor the spectacular moments lining up your outdoor activity plans. Whatever your plans are, remember that fashion eyewear is a good companion, affording you myriad designs to go with various activities.

The outdoor barbecue at the neighbor down the street, the pool party on the weekend, or the day at the beach all get better with good-looking fashion eyewear. While enjoying these trendy pieces, ensure they have complete UV protection.


Best Fashion Eyewear This Summer


Fashion eyewear has evolved significantly since 1936's Polaroid™, and the styles keep changing with the seasons. Despite the flood of fresh designs and shifting trends, some designs withstand the test of time and outlast the seasons. Here are some of the most fashionable eyewear available for different events, activities, and face shapes this summer:


Classic Cat-eye


It is illegal not to mention timeless pieces when discussing the ultimate fashion eyewear for summer. Cat-eye glasses were one of the initial designer glasses to be developed. They have consistently been at the forefront of eyeglass fashion since their introduction.

One of the most appealing aspects of cat-eye eyewear is that it can be worn on any face shape. They usually highlight your facial features, especially your brow arch and high points. They will look great on you if you have a contoured jawline.


Eyewear With a Wire Frame


Wireframe glasses are yet another wonderful conception by fashion eyewear creatives. The fact that these glasses are almost invisible adds to their appeal. They are among the most delicately designed fashion eyeglasses. Aside from their typically very thin frames, you can also wear them in a metallic color such as yellow or rose gold—rendering your face seemingly “naked.”

These brilliant designer glasses are available from just about any brand. Prada is responsible for some of the most well-known. Each person has a different approach to design, so it all depends on one’s style and personality.


Eyeglasses With a Thick Rim and a Dark Frame


Thick-rimmed glasses were once affiliated with nerdiness and were never considered cool. However, they are now among the most fashionable frames available. Many celebrities wear these sleek, geek-chic frames on the red carpet.

You can get geometric frames to refine your profile when you have a round face. The glasses are also available in various colors to accommodate unique skin tones and personalities. They are ideal for boosting your self-esteem.


Pastel and Transparent Frames


Transparent or pastel frames are another growing trend. The most common types of these glasses are soft and acetate pastels. Armani and Oliver People have jumped on board with this trend and made it their own.


Tortoise Pattern


Whereas tortoise is a design, it is not exclusive to any particular pair of fashion eyewear. Any brand design can be made in tortoise print. Almost anything goes with these patterns. Although it is a bold statement, it is accurate. The tortoise print is elegant and versatile, complementing various fashion styles.

For more on finding the right fashion eyewear for your summer activities, visit Brandon Eyes at our office in Middleton or Madison, Wisconsin. Call (608) 833-7256 or (608) 833-0301 to book an appointment today.

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