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Introducing twelve84 - New Glasses for a New Year

Introducing Twelve84 - New Glasses for a New Year

Brandon Eyes is delighted to announce a new line of Glasses for 2021. twelve84 is an exclusive new line of glasses that are curated to fit the style and budget needs of every patient. 

Did you know, the first pair of wearable spectacles were invented in Italy in 1284? They were designed by taking two small magnifying lenses and fitting them into a metal or bone frame that could be perched on the edge of your nose. The first glasses were a revelation to 13th century Italians. twelve84 brings that revelation to each and every patient by providing stylish and original eyewear at an affordable price. Twelve84 frames are designed in the USA, made from superior materials like Swarovski crystals and titanium, and many frames feature Comotec spring hinge technology. With a vast selection of plastic and metal frames, you are guaranteed to find frames that are stylish, original, and authentic. Whether you need backup glasses, an extra pair, or have no vision insurance, twelve84 has frame and lens packages that will fit your style and budget. 

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