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How to Protect Your Eyes From UV Damage

The eyes are among the most important human senses. They help you see and safely go about your life every day. Their importance goes together with their sensitivity. The eyes have delicate and complex structures, showing that they need protection. Among the things you need to protect your eyes from is UV light.


Some of the ways to protect your eyes from UV rays include:


  • Wearing Sunglasses


Conventional sunglasses help reduce glare from the rays of the sun during the day. To be on the safe side, look for those with UV-blocking capabilities. These are not the standard sunglasses you can buy at any convenience store.


The places to find them include drugstores or an eye doctor’s office. UV protection sunglasses can offer between 90 to 100 percent protection from sunlight. Also, wear sunglasses when you are outdoors during the winter.


  • Transitional Lenses


These are alternatives to cheap sunglasses. They are clear when you are indoors and darken when you are outside in the glare of sunlight. The lenses do not change when driving, as most vehicle windshields block UV light. Their only downside is that they take time to clear once you get back indoors.


  • Wear a Hat


Wearing a hat with a wide brim helps protect you from direct sunlight. Hats are convenient when you are outside in places without shade. They protect not only your eyes from UV rays but your face as well. According to research, hats can block up to 50 percent of destructive UV rays from reaching your eyes.


  • Use Sunscreen


Sunscreen helps protect your skin from the rays of the sun. Skin covers every inch of the body, including your eyes. Choose one with a label that shows that it is safe to use on the face and around your eyes. Applying sunscreen on your eyelids helps protect your eyes from disease-causing UVB rays.


  • Avoid Gazing at the Sun


Staring directly at the sun is dangerous to your eyes. Doing so can burn your retina, resulting in macular degeneration. Gazing at the sun even with sunglasses may still damage your eyesight. The best way to protect your eyes from UV rays is to avoid staring directly at the sun, even during a solar eclipse.



  • Avoid Peak Hours


Depending on your region, basking under the sun may seem like an ideal pastime. But during certain hours of the day, the sun’s UV rays can be harmful. These hours are typically between 10 in the morning to four in the evening. If you must be outdoors during these hours, wear protective sunglasses and put on sunscreen. Look for shade whenever possible, and don a hat if you can.


Exposure to UV rays is harmful not only on sunny days. The risk is also the same in cloudy weather. Maintain your level of eye protection even during these days.


Dangerous UV light comes not only from the sun but also from some electrical equipment. They include tanning beds, reptile basking bulbs, and arc welding machines. Always ensure that you wear protective eyewear whenever using or around these devices.


For more on protecting your eyes from UV damage, visit Brandon Eyes at our office in Middleton or Madison, Wisconsin. You can also call (608) 833-7256 or (608) 833-0301 to book an appointment today.

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