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How to Avoid Digital Eyestrain

Most adults in America spend on average 11 hours looking at phones, TVs, tablets, and computers. While doing so may not permanently ruin their vision, it can cause digital eyestrain. The symptoms of this condition include dry eyes, headaches, and blurry vision.

Screen time can be unavoidable due to many people’s lifestyles. However, there are ways you can prevent digital eyestrain. Read on to learn more.

Anti-fatigue Lenses


You can reduce digital eyestrain by wearing anti-fatigue lenses that help relax the eyes. Single vision wearers can get lenses with a slight power boost to aid with up-close activities like reading and keep the eyes relaxed. The power boost is at the bottom third of the anti-fatigue lenses. Patients with presbyopia can get progressive lenses for clear vision as their eyes remain relaxed.

Adjust Lights


Lights play a significant role in the comfort of your eyes. The lights around you and the light from the digital screen you use can cause eyestrain. To avoid this, ensure the digital device you use emits the brightest light in your surroundings. 

Always increase the brightness of the device if you are in a bright environment. Reduce the brightness if you get into a dark room. Glare can also worsen when your screen has smudges and dust. Hence, cleaning it often can help reduce glare.

Reconsider Your Work Area Ergonomics


Workplace ergonomics aims at increasing comfort and productivity. Support your upper body by choosing a desk chair that encourages sitting up with your neck in a neutral position.

Adjust your computer monitor to be near eye level and at arm’s length away. Ensure the screen you use aligns with your head to avoid straining your neck and eyes. Any screen you use should always be slightly below your eye level and directly in front of the face to ensure maximum comfort.

Blink Frequently


Blinking distributes the tears across your eye surface to keep them moist and lubricated. But when you focus on your screen for a long time, you will naturally reduce the frequency of blinking. Your blinking rate ranges from 15 to 20 every minute if you are not staring at a screen. However, your blinking reduces to less than half when using a screen.

You can reduce digital eyestrain symptoms if you become conscious of your blinking rate. Try to blink more whenever you watch television or use a digital device.

Take Breaks


Take regular breaks throughout the day so that your eyes can relax. Implement the 20-20-20 rule. It requires you to take a break every 20 minutes to take 20 seconds looking at an object 20 feet away.

Focusing on a different object from your screen or digital device for a few minutes can relieve the strain on your eyes. You also reduce your risk of tech neck and muscle fatigue if you take some time to stretch or get up and take a short walk.

Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Sunlight naturally emits blue light waves. High levels of artificial blue light also come from digital devices like computers or mobile phone screens. Prolonged exposure to this emission can affect sleep quality and cause eye fatigue.

Blue light-blocking glasses or computer glasses are ideal for stopping excessive blue light from getting to your eyes. You can wear these eyeglasses when watching TV, using your tablet, phone, or computer to prevent digital eyestrain.

Regular Eye Exams


Blue light emitted from digital devices and blinking less increase digital strain risk. However, eye conditions that remain untreated also contribute to similar symptoms. Common problems like farsightedness or astigmatism can cause your eye to hurt even if you are not staring at a digital screen.

An eye exam is the best way to identify any eye problems you may have so you can start treatment. Regular comprehensive eye exams identify underlying conditions that could affect your vision.

For more about preventing digital eyestrain, visit Brandon Eyes at our office in Middleton or Madison, Wisconsin. Call (608) 833-7256 or (608) 833-0301 to book an appointment today.

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