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How Do Computer Glasses Protect the Eyes?

The digital age makes it easy to hurt your eyes at work, at home, or even when you are going about your daily activities. The reason is digital devices are everywhere. These digital devices cause stress to your eyes. They can also result in eye conditions that are uncomfortable and may cost you your vision. Therefore, you must protect your eyes. One way you can do this is by using computer glasses.


What Are Computer Glasses?


Computer glasses are specifically for reducing the symptoms of digital eyestrain. The average person uses a computer for eight hours. These hours add up, and the minimal inconveniences translate to uncomfortable vision-related problems. Sadly, it takes a while before we notice that eye fatigue and irritation are not only that—they are symptoms of an eye condition.


How Do They Work?


Computer glasses have an anti-reflective coating that reduces the light from digital devices. It also deals with the glare that bounces off the screen. However, this is not the only feature to consider when getting computer lenses. Think about the lens type because not everyone’s eyes are the same.


There are different types of lenses for computer glasses. These include:


Single Vision Computer Lenses


These lenses are convenient for computer users of any age and reduce the risk of eyestrain. They provide the appropriate optical correction by considering the working distance between the screen and your eyes. They also allow you to move your head up and down to view the screen. Single vision computer glasses help you maintain proper posture when you are working.


Occupational Progressive Lenses


These correct near, intermediate, and distant vision and make you more comfortable. The lenses allow you to focus on different things and have a larger intermediate zone than regular glasses. They provide wide viewing of your screen. However, they may limit you for longer-distance tasks since they have a small provision for distance vision. Thus, you should not use them when driving.


Bifocal Computer Lenses


These lenses have an upper segment for a screen distance. They also have a lower part for reading work closer than the screen. However, objects that are farther than the screen will appear blurry. They have a small provision for viewing, and they distort images in your peripheral vision.


Trifocal Computer Lenses


These will help you view the screen and distant and near objects. However, they have limitations and may distort images in your peripheral vision.


Benefits of Computer Glasses


There are many benefits of computer glasses. They reduce the symptoms of digital eyestrain. Hence, you do not have to deal with dry eyes, headaches, and sensitivity to light. The light from the computer will also not affect your sleep cycles. You can go to sleep and wake up fresh and ready for the next day.




Computer glasses are essential for everyday eye protection. Remember to confirm which lenses are best for you and utilize them. You will protect your eyes and vision by using these glasses.


For more information on protecting your eyes using computer glasses, visit Brandon Eyes at our office in Middleton or Madison, Wisconsin. Call (608) 833-7256 or (608) 833-0301 today to schedule an appointment.

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