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How Can Scleral Contacts Improve Vision Compared to Soft Contacts or Glasses?

Scleral contact lenses are hard specialty contact lenses. The rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts are larger in diameter than regular contacts. This feature allows the lenses to vault above the cornea without touching it. This helps ensure a more comfortable fitting for some patients. 

Patients who have certain eye conditions can benefit from scleral contacts. People who have irregular corneal surfaces can wear the scleral lenses with ease. Patients get custom-fitted contact lenses that deliver their desired comfort. They enjoy better vision than they would with soft contacts or glasses.

Great Visual Acuity

Scleral lenses provide better visual acuity for people with astigmatism. Their stability and customization help improve the vision. The rigid materials help create a new surface, correcting irregularities that occur on the corneal surface. 

Keratoconus patients who wear the lenses experience better visual acuity than when wearing soft contacts or glasses. The lenses center properly and allow for rotation, making them more stable. The lenses can include multifocal designs that help provide distant and near vision for those with presbyopia.

Enhancing Comfort 

When fitted properly, scleral lenses can provide more comfort than soft lenses or glasses. They are very comfortable for patients who have irregular cornea curvature. The lenses are comfortable enough to allow patients to wear them longer. 

Lens comfort is essential for the improvement of vision. Scleral lenses are highly adaptable, with design changes helping enhance comfort. This offers a good alternative for patients who desire improved comfort. 

Improved Performance

The size of the scleral lenses helps ensure that they do not dislodge easily with rapid eye movements. The good fit also helps prevent the entry of dust or airborne particles under the lens. This is more common with soft lenses, making them uncomfortable for those who have active lifestyles. The improved performance makes sporting people prefer scleral lenses. 

Healthy Ocular Surface

Scleral lenses are great for corneal health. They help keep the ocular surface healthy due to the fit. Unlike soft lenses, they do not touch the cornea surface. The fact that they vault over the cornea means that they maintain tears to keep the cornea properly moisturized. 

Patients who suffer from severe dry eyes find it uncomfortable to wear regular contact lenses. They can, however, benefit from scleral lenses. The lenses are great for people who have ocular surface disorders as they help prevent irritation, trauma, desiccation, and dehydration. 

Reduced Need for Surgery

Scleral contacts help eliminate or delay the need for surgical interventions. Patients who may otherwise require corneal transplant surgery can find the lenses very useful. Patients who have not had success with regular contacts can benefit from this option. The lens material is stronger and more durable than soft lenses, which means they last longer. The lenses provide an effective healing environment for the eyes. 

Are you tired of wearing glasses and regular soft lenses that have not worked for you? Talk to your doctor about scleral lenses. The lenses provide improved peripheral vision while also helping reduce glare and light sensitivity. 

For more on how scleral contact lenses improve vision, visit Brandon Eyes at our office in Madison or Middleton, Wisconsin. You can call (608) 833-0301 or (608) 833-7256 today to schedule an appointment.

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