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How an Emergency Eye Exam Can Save Your Vision

An eye emergency is the last thing you plan for, yet they do arise and typically happen at inconvenient times. Various conditions, including allergies, trauma, chemical burns, lesions to the cornea, foreign objects in the eye, and lacerations of the eyelids, can bring on eye emergencies. Fortunately, many eye emergencies are treatable without causing long-term harm.

But if you ever suffer pain, redness, or swelling in your eyes, you should consult a doctor. Damage to the eyes without adequate care can result in permanent blindness or even partial vision loss. Eye emergencies entail various events and ailments, each with unique symptoms.


What Are the Symptoms of an Eye Emergency?

Different eye emergencies present different symptoms. The symptoms depend on the cause of the injury and the force or impact on the eye. 

·      New or severe headaches.

·      Bruising around the eye.

·      Irregular pupil sizes.

·      Light sensitivity.

·      Eye pain.

·      Loss of vision.

·      Double vision.

·      Severe itching.

·      A bulging eye or one that sticks out.

·      Decreased vision.

·      Bleeding from the eye.

·      Burning or stinging.

·      Blood in the white part of the eye.

·      Irregular or poor eye movement.

·      One eye looking a different direction when you do not have crossed eyes.

·      Redness and irritation.

·      Discharge from the eye.


What Should You Do During an Eye Emergency?

The consequences of an eye injury may be severe. Don't try to resolve it yourself. Despite the temptation, resist the urge to rub or squeeze your eye.

Avoid trying to force out foreign objects lodged in your eye, especially using instruments such as tweezers. You may use cotton swabs, but only use them on the eyelids. Ensure you do not put ointments or drugs in your eye.

If you use contacts, don’t remove them if you believe you have had an eye injury. If you try to take out your contacts, the damage can worsen. 


How Can an Emergency Eye Exam Save Your Vision?

The most appropriate action during an eye emergency is to see a doctor immediately. Here are key reasons for doing this if you are in such a situation.

Timely Diagnosis

Immediate intervention is crucial to restoring eyesight successfully in some cases. In an eye emergency, abrupt changes in sight are extremely dangerous. Visit your emergency eye doctor as soon as possible if you experience a sudden loss of vision or an injury. It's essential to see your eye doctor swiftly for an evaluation so they can identify the problem and, if required, start treating you.

Proper Skill

Any object in the eyes that should not be there is referred to as a foreign body. This might be anything from a metal shard to a dust grain or chemical compound. If something is stuck in your eye, you should never attempt to remove it. Your eye doctor is competent and trained to manage such cases. They can find the foreign object, extract it, and offer the necessary care to restore your eye health.

For more on how an emergency eye exam can save your vision, visit Brandon Eyes at our office in Middleton or Madison, Wisconsin. Call (608) 833-7256 or (608) 833-0301 to book an appointment today.

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