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Eye Allergies? Say goodbye to itchy eyes with these tips!

Eye Allergies? Say goodbye to itchy eyes with these tips!

Let’s talk about allergies! They make you sniffle and sneeze, but did you know that allergies can also affect your eyes? If your eyes are itchy, red, or watery, you may be experiencing allergic conjunctivitis. Keep reading to learn about how your allergies affect your eyes and what you can do to help!

Allergic Conjunctivitis - Why Your Eyes Itch

Some allergies are seasonal, but for those allergic to pet dander or dust, these symptoms can be year-round. If your eyes are red, itchy, or watery you may be experiencing allergic conjunctivitis! The inside of your eyelids and the covering of your eyeball have a membrane called the conjunctiva. When the conjunctiva comes in contact with common allergens like pollen, dust, dander, or mold it can become inflamed. Over time, this can cause little bumps along the conjunctiva on the inside of your eyelids. How irritating!

How Can I Prevent Eye Allergies?

The easiest way to prevent allergic reactions is to minimize your exposure to potential allergens. Use an indoor air purifier, vacuum frequently to keep your home dust-free, and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, dyes, and perfumes. Those with pollen allergies should close windows when the pollen count is high. 

Eye Allergens and Contact wearers

Did you know using contacts can make your allergic reactions worse? For patients with weekly and monthly contacts, allergens can accumulate on the contacts, exacerbating symptoms. Try switching to daily contacts to reduce allergy symptoms.

How can I reduce allergic reactions?

First of all, resist the urge to rub your eyes, it will only make your inflammation worse! If you are experiencing itching and irritation, try using a cool damp washcloth on your eyes a few times a day. Brandon Eyes recommend an over-the-counter topical antihistamine. Oral antihistamines can sometimes cause eye dryness as a side effect, which can make eye inflammation worse. 

Pataday Can Help!

We like to use Pataday, an over-the-counter antihistamine that comes in 3 concentrations for people with varying levels of allergic symptoms. Pataday Twice Daily Relief contains 0.1% olopatadine and provides up to 8 hours of eye allergy relief in one drop, while Pataday Once Daily Relief contains 0.2% and provides 16 hours of relief! Pataday Once Daily Relief Extra Strength contains a whopping 0.7% and provides a full 24 hours of allergy relief, which is perfect for those of us with persistent allergy symptoms. If you are suffering from itchy, dry, or irritated eyes, schedule a consultation with the Doctors at Brandon Eyes, and relief will be on the way!

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