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Why Do I Need an Annual Eye Exam?

Your vision and eyes require consistent evaluation. The eyes are sensitive as they act as the windows to the world. Taking care of them and ensuring they are healthy should be the top of your health priorities. For that, you must always get annual eye exams. Read on to learn more.

What is an Eye Exam?


An eye exam is a series of tests that determine your eye health, vision prescription, how your eyes work together, and overall health.

Why Do You Need an Eye Exam Every Year?


Many vision and eye problems have no symptoms or signs. Hence, most people do not realize they have a problem until their sight becomes severely affected. For this reason, annual eye exams are preventative care that helps you maintain healthy eyes and good vision.

Children need eye exams as they may not be able to speak up if they have a problem with their vision. An annual exam will help the eye doctor determine if your child has a high risk of getting any eye disease or if they need vision correction.

Annual eye exams are still ideal for patients after LASIK eye surgery or those with good vision. It is like an annual physical as it creates your eye health history and acts as preventative eye care.

What to Expect


Eye exams can vary slightly depending on your needs and age. However, the tests are often:

  • Visual acuity - A test that measures your vision sharpness.

  • Glaucoma - A test to examine the pressure in your eye.

  • Slit lamp exam - The structures of your eyes will be examined under high magnification to detect diseases and conditions.

  • Cover test - It tests how your eyes work together. You will have to focus on a near and a distant object at different times. Your eye doctor will place a cover over your eye for a short time and then remove it to observe the movement of your eyes.

  • Eye movements or ocular motility - The test will determine how your eyes fixate on an object at different targets or how well they follow it. Ocular motility problems make reading difficult and often cause eyestrain.

  • Color blindness - Your color vision will be tested through a screening test to determine if you have color blindness.

How to Prepare for Your Annual Eye Exam


Ideally, carry your prescription eyewear if you wear any. Your eye doctor will make sure that the prescription you have is the best one for your eyes. Remember to carry UV-blocking sunglasses after your eye exam. Bright lights and sunlight cause discomfort if your eye doctor dilates your eyes during the eye exam. You can also have someone drive you home.



After your eye exam, your doctor will talk to you about the results. It will include whether you may need eyeglasses, contacts, or surgery for vision correction. They will also talk about the health of your eyes. Your doctor will let you know if they detect any conditions such as glaucoma or retinal disorders.

Your doctor will give you the correct prescription if there is a need for corrective lenses. If the eye exam yields abnormal results, your specialist will advise if you need further testing or treatment.

For more on the need for an annual eye exam, visit Brandon Eyes at our office in Middleton or Madison, Wisconsin. Call (608) 833-7256 or (608) 833-0301 to book an appointment today.

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