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Anti-fog Tips and Tricks to Fight the Fog this Winter

As winter winds blow in, glasses wearers across the country are experiencing a new issue! Fogging is a common problem for those who wear glasses during the winter months, but has become even more prevalent now that we’re all wearing masks. So, how can we preserve the crystal clear vision provided by our lenses? We here at Brandon Eyes have a few anti-fog recommendations that are sure to help!

Wear masks that are properly fitted 

Improperly fitted masks can direct your hot breath up towards your eyes, where the water vapor forms condensation on the inside of the cooler lenses. It is important to wear masks that are properly fitted to your face. The edges of the mask should be snug and follow the contours of your nose and cheeks at the top of the mask. There should also be a small pocket of space between your nostrils/mouth and the back of the mask. This directs the air down and to the sides so it doesn’t go up towards your glasses!

Try Adjusting your glasses

Moving your glasses lower or higher on your nose bridge can put the lenses out of the way of that pesky hot air! Try repositioning your glasses and mask for your optimal vision, comfort, and safety.

Use Anti-Fog Glasses Products

In recognition of this common issue, many stores have begun selling Anti-fog products! When choosing an anti fog product, be sure that it is 100% ammonia and alcohol free. Ammonia and alcohol both strip the Anti-glare and blue-light coatings that come on most spectacle lenses. Anti-fog products come in cloth, balm, or liquid forms. 

Anti-Fog Cloths

Anti-fog cloths are dry microfiber cloths that are infused with anti-fogging formulas. Simply wet your lenses with water or your favorite lens cleaning spray and then wipe the lenses off with the Anti-Fog Cloths to activate the anti-fog formula. Each cloth brand is different! The anti-fog protection can last 10-48 hours and the dry cloths will last 200-500 uses depending on the brand. We recommend Fog Block by Nerdwax, which can be found here.

Anti-Fog Balms

Anti-fog balms come in small, compact cases that travel well, but will need to be buffed in with a microfiber cloth of your choice. Eventually, the fog may build up in the cloth’s fibers, so be sure to throw them in the laundry to clean them. 

Anti-Fog Liquids

Anti-fog liquids can come in dropper or spray forms. Either drop or spray the liquid onto your lenses, wait a minute and then wipe away with a microfiber cloth. Zero-Fog can be purchased here at Brandon Eyes, but there are many options out there if you prefer to shop online. Mask fogging can cause frustration during the cooler months, but following these guidelines can help! All anti-fog products vary in effectiveness, but the best way to ensure your glasses are less foggy is to combine the anti-fog products with a properly fitted mask that directs your breath away from your lenses.

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