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Anti-Fatigue Lenses

With my stomach starting to get in the way of reading the scale, I decided to take up hiking. I chose Parfrey's Glen for my first hike. Surely it was not my glasses, but somehow I did not read the map correctly and the hike was 3 miles downhill into the glen, and then a 3-mile crawl back uphill to my car, with a short pause to lie flat on my back to consider the error of my decision. Aside from the intense burning in every muscle, I was subject to intense nausea. I discovered it was only relieved by removing my progressive multifocal glasses. Monday morning, after considerable stretching and complaining, I made it into work and picked up the phone to order new glasses. Something new, very new in fact, and quite exciting. I'm writing to introduce you to anti-fatigue lenses! Alas, they did not reduce the fatigue in my legs from my hike; Sync anti-fatigue lenses did however solve my problem with ground blur and general nausea when attempting to be relatively active.

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