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5 Tips to Protect Your Eyes From Sun Damage

Most people know that the sun can damage their skin. However, some do not realize that the sun can wreak havoc on their eyes. You may not be able to apply sunscreen on them, but you can still take several steps to shield them from the sun's rays. 


You have many options when it comes to protecting your skin from sun damage. You will not find a lotion or spray sunscreen designed for your eyes, at least not yet. Still, it would help if you protect your eyes from the sun's harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. 


Why You Should Protect Your Eyes From Sun Damage


Ultraviolet rays can lead to various health problems, ranging from corneal sunburn to eye cancer. They can also play a part in developing cataracts and growths that could eventually block your vision. 


How to Protect Your Eyes From Sun Damage


You probably know that staring into the sun for long periods is a terrible idea. However, it would be best if you also understood that the sun's rays could reach your eyes in various ways. For example, fresh snow can reflect up to 80 percent of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, you can experience sun damage to your eyes even when looking down. 


Water, grass, and even soil can reflect UV rays, so you should learn how to protect your eyes. Some of the steps you can take to prevent sun damage include:


Know When the Sun Is Strongest


Did you know that the highest ultraviolet exposure for the skin and eyes is in the morning and mid-afternoon? Most people assume that it is at noon. Also, UV exposure to the eyes tends to increase in the spring, winter, and fall when the sun is lower in the sky. 


Wear the Right Sunglasses


Look for sunglasses labeled 100 percent UV protection or UV400 when shopping for shades. Remember that color or darkness does not have anything to do with the strength of ultraviolet protection. Furthermore, since UV rays can go through clouds, you should wear your sunglasses even on cloudy days.


Wear the Right Frames


Your sunglasses will help block ultraviolet rays from passing through the lenses. However, the wrong frames will not prevent UV rays from reaching your eyes.


Do Not Stare at the Sun


This tip is for those sun worshipers out there. Directly staring at the sun for long periods can burn holes in your retinas. While rare, this condition, known as solar retinopathy, causes irreversible damage to the eye.


Double Up


In addition to wearing sunglasses, you should consider wearing a broad-brimmed hat for added protection. According to studies, doing so will significantly reduce exposure to harmful UV rays. 


Eye damage due to UV exposure can happen quickly. It can also occur slowly over time, making it a risk factor for various vision-threatening eye conditions. Hence, you should get in the habit of taking the steps outlined above to minimize your risk of sun damage.


For more on the effects of the sun on the eyes, call Brandon Eyes in Wisconsin at our office in Middleton (608) 833-7256 or Madison (608) 833-0301. 

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